Creating Wealth With Your Tools

Assets are tools you own that have the capacity to generate income for you. It is about getting residual income while working, looking for job, going to school or doing business.

Plasma television, video machine, computer system, radio, cars, phones, cutleries, washing machine, etc, are some items you bought to add value to your life and that of your loved ones.

These items reduce stress and increase pleasure and happiness in your life and family. The tools have the capacity to bring about many health benefits, if used in moderation.

But, the tools could be a liability or an asset to you, depending on you. We watch news, movies, sports, entertainment, business trends, etc, on television. We derive pleasure and satisfaction from this.

In Lagos, Nigeria, some youths, determined to create jobs for themselves, instead of waiting for government, run Match Viewing Centers, where people go to and pay to watch matches and other programmes.

The youths are creating wealth forĀ  online international movies streaming themselves, using the same tools some of us use for seeking pleasure. Same tool, different usage.

Computer is a wonder machine. It can be used for pleasure or to create wealth.

Since, computer came into existence; persons across the globe have successfully delivered a business deal, sealed relationships or make money online right in the comfort of their homes, offices or anywhere for that matter.

Truth is that these tools of yours are not generating income for you. They are simply pleasure toys and are therefore liabilities, not assets. But, we need to make money with peace of mind and sound health.

The Nigerian youths who are creating jobs first for themselves with their tools and then to others may not be interested in white collar jobs, provided by government and private companies.

No government, in developed or developing country can create jobs for all the citizens in need of jobs. This is the reality of the 21st century.

But, with the right environment created, people can use their skills, talents, knowledge, experience and off course, tools to create wealth.

As educators, journalists, bloggers, business persons, traders, drivers, engineers, bankers, musicians, administrators, comedians, marketers, security experts, etc, we should encourage ourselves to look beyond government, banks and friends for the creation of our wealth.


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