Web Therapy Web Series Review – Episode 1

Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 1 (#1.1)

Fiona Wallice starts a 3-minute web therapy session because she finds the 50-minute session long-winded, fatuous and maudlin; the best part is that she casually informs this to her first patient as if she is telling him ‘I don’t want to be bored with your talks!”. In fact, Fiona may be the worst or in other words the coolest web therapists because the conventional therapists can be so preachy and annoying. She sorts out her past issues with her old flame and ex-colleague who had kissed her by misinterpreting her line of “Please close the door” as “Please kiss my lips!”. The man now looks lonely, despondent and diffident and Fiona tries to sort his problem aghazadeh part 21.

Much of the humor comes from the sharp-witted script, Kudrow’s matter-of-factly delivery and Tim Bagley’s reactions. However, Lisa has the habit of drawling out her lines a lot, thus restraining the number of punch lines that could be there in one episode. In the brilliant episode with Meryl, Meryl delivers so many punches in the little time that she gets, something that Lisa should learn (a couple of vocal lessons).

Overall, a great starter!

My Rating: 6.3 out of 10

“Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 2 (#1.2)”

Fiona Wallice, the web therapist continues to chat with her old flame by trying to clear things up with him and providing guidance about his new love. She, however, chooses to wear a sexy red dress for the occasion, thus showing her failure as an actual therapist. Richard has a very good gag when he is asked by Fiona to unbutton the collar button of his shirt and he unbuttons one or two more than that.

The show however is just too short to really take advantage of its writing; it was a smart move to increase the duration of the show in the later episodes.

My Rating: 4.8 out of 10

“Web Therapy: An Old Flame: Part 3 (#1.3)”

A very coquettish Fiona decides to ruin Richard’s relationship with his fiancĂ© and this gives a completely different picture of the web therapist that of a self-centered home wrecker.

Lisa Kudrow cannot inhabit a character, that’s one thing for sure, but she does deliver some good punches, especially when she explains her behavior with Richard’s fiancĂ© to Richard. When I compare this to Meryl Streep’s episode, Kudrow in the latter couldn’t keep pace with Meryl’s brilliance. Here, she is saved because Tim Bagley himself plays his role as simply as possible.

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