Self-Responsibility: Earned Versus Given

We all love things to come “easy” even when we think we want to earn them, and actually appreciate them more when we earn them. When I think of responsibility and esteeming yourself, the earned is always better than the given although our innate feelings sometimes betray that when unpleasant “need to” work is involved. Indeed, though, once we take it upon ourselves to take actions for ourselves at full power, we all appreciate ourselves more in a better way than if they were given to us in a “gifted way”.

The power, then, of saying “We are responsible for ourselves” is the most magnificent thing in the universe. So magnificent, that when it does not come easy and we do earn it, it is all the better. The real spoiling factor comes too easy, the best things are hard-earned and worth it. Think about that fact a moment, then go on with this article.

Sure people are goal oriented, yes, but if the goal is given easily without impetus within yourself and a powerful need for it also, the full potential of that goal cannot be realized. So, I can say this: The greatest goal in existence is the power of being responsible and autonomous Earningways, everything else is an also ran in the most genuine sense without quotes on the word also ran.

All of the greatest values have been built from the ground up, not the top, “already made”, and down from there anyway. So, I am saying, do better than reinvent the wheel or the box. I am writing, be the best you can be as a value earning individual, that is the best you can do or I can do for that matter.

So, I do agree with the maxim that honesty and reality are the best things to live by, but the context I genuinely believe is that everyone must genuinely define reality for themselves in an earned way. It cannot be given in an easy way, ever. After all, effortless reality is impossible when it comes to the genuine best of values anyway. In short, you must get up and even claim that which really is free and given or not get it at all.

Genuine freedom starts in your thoughts and nowhere else, larceny and laziness start in the same place. Your direction, your choice of efforts. Either way, a choice you make yourself cannot be avoided.


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