Inflatable Haunted House Props – A Look at the Best Halloween Decorations and Ideas

An inflatable haunted house is both a great prop and decoration for Halloween. This type of blow up yard product is a great idea to decorate your home in October. If you have been to haunted houses, you know that it’s all about being scary.

These inflatable haunted house decorations are similar, but not as extreme. These haunting props come with music and sound modules that will spook and scare the people that dare go inside them. Frightening house ideas of this type are made mainly for kids, but teenagers and adults can enjoy them as well. It is probably a good idea to keep the toddlers and infants away because they may be too young to understand that it’s not real and become very afraid.

More scary ideas to increase the fear level is to add more props like thebesthousedecors  spider webs and eve wallpaper or macabre pictures that scream Halloween. However, inflatable haunted house props for your lawn or backyard are not even close to the real haunted houses in Houston, Dallas Texas or Atlanta. These cities really go overboard when it comes to Halloween and scaring people. At home, keeping this holiday fun and safe is the main goal.

If you are a resourceful type, you can probably make your own scary house setup. Craft stores and even super markets will have some great decorations and props that will suit your needs. Look for grave stones, skeletons, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, knives, cob webs, and more. The list of Halloween ideas is a long one that only is limited by your imagination.

If you just want a little flare, but not too much, definitely go for a simple inflatable haunted house or castle and you’ll be set. Of course, don’t forget the candy and a carved pumpkin. Halloween should be fun and festive for the kids, family, and friends. Always remember to carry a flashlight when trick or treating and look both ways before crossing the street. Even though many kids are out enjoying the candy and Halloween house decorations, being safe comes first before having fun.

Gary Holtzman loves to talk about family issues, in this case, holiday fun. Read more about Halloween decorations & ideas like an inflatable haunted house [] and other scary props for your home [] to have a safe and fun time with kids and children of all ages this October 31st.

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