Does Run Your Car on Water Work? Engineer’s Answer Reveals Truth About Run Your Car on Water Craze

Does run your car on water work is the question on some sceptical people’s lips. If you’re one of those people, I don’t blame you. After all, anything that seems too good to be true usually is.kanagawasuido

There are two things to look at, both people who have applied the techniques on their own cars and the opinion of a man who knows what he is talking about.

During my research on this, I decided to put my questions to a professional engineer. Might seem a little obsessive, but hey, I like to get real answers! Here was his answer to my question “Does Run Your Car On Water Work?”…

“After looking at the system, the logic seems pretty sound. In fact, I could see immediately how this can and will work. The only problem I can see is that with only 12v power from the car, I would doubt whether this would produce enopugh H2 to work effectively, but that’s hearsay.

However, on the plus side, with just 12v there’s little chance that any damage will occur, certainly not enough H2 to damage the engine in any way so my advice to you, is to simply try it out for yourself.

Adding a more explosive compound will reduce the need for the gas. So YES, it is possible to run it on water or to mix gas and H2 to improve efficiency.

The process is called electrolysis. If you take pure water, which does not conduct electricity, and put a very strong voltage across it(like from the coil in your car that powers the spark plugs) then the Hydrogen and Oxygen separates. The two H2 molecules and single O2 molecule is gas, which comes from two H20 molecules that were separated.

(2)H20 = (2)H2 + (2)O2

The H2 and O2 are now stable and can be kept separate. If the H2 is allowed to seep into the air intake of a gas engine it would make the fuel more potent and you could produce more power using less gasoline.

Adding a more explosive compound will reduce the need for the gas. So YES, it is possible to run it on water or to mix gas and H2 to improve efficiency.

By all means, buy the kit and see if you save money.”

After getting this scientific feedback, the only other thing to consider is whether the people who are buying Run Your Car On Water conversion systems are getting results.

Well, testimonials provide a certain amount of proof on the sales pages, but also by looking at the less than 1% refund rate of these systems, amongst the hundreds of thousands of people that are buying and implementing them each day, it’s starting to look like we’ve got a genuine way to save hundreds of dollars/pounds each year on ever increasing gas prices.

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