Proper Care of a New Tattoo – 7 Must Read Tips on How to Care For New Tattoos

Looking to get a tattoo? Then before you pick a design that suits your whim, it’s extremely imperative that you learn as much as possible about proper care of a new tattoo to prevent nasty bacteria from making a mess of your injury.

Many “tattoo noobs” are oblivious to the subject of how to care for new tattoos. Instead of concerning themselves with the health and safety aspect, they tend to focus more emphasis on “what tattoo should I get?” or “where to find the best tattoo design?” and what not. Yes I truly concur that those are important concerns but safety comes first above everything else Care proper.

Please do not rely entirely on the folks at your local parlor to provide you with the know-how regarding proper care of a new tattoo. You should embark on your own research as well because after all, it’s your skin on the line. Alright I guess it is bleeding obvious that you’re taking the initiative to learn about the matter, otherwise you won’t be reading this right now huh? Without further blabbing, here are a several must read tips on how to care for new tattoos. They are pretty basic I suppose but those who are planning to get a tattoo for the very first time should do well to follow them.

1. Keep the bandage on for at least 3 hours. That’s right. Forget about impressing your buddies or taking a “quick peek” at your very first tattoo. Unless you’re in a hurry to get infected, leave the bandage on for 3 hours at the very least.

2. Once the 3-hour period is up, you may take off the bandage and proceed to clean your tattoo gently and thoroughly by washing away excess ink, plasma and blood using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Rinse well and gently blot dry it with a tissue or clean towel.

3. After excess water has completely dried, you may rub a little bit of bacitracin cream on the tattoo to prevent bacteria infection. Don’t go bonkers with the cream, just sufficient enough to make the tattoo look slightly glossy.

4. Proper care of a new tattoo involves cleaning it on a daily basis. No soaking or anything just wash it gently with water, pat dry and continue to moisture your tattoo with the bacitracin cream at least thrice day, and absolutely NO swimming or relaxing session at the sauna for the first 2 weeks at the minimum.

5. Keep your tattoo away from the sun. The worst thing you could do to your precious new tattoo is exposing it to the sun’s UV ray, so don’t even think about spending time under the sun without protecting your tattoo with an SPF 30 sun-block, even when it’s already fully healed.

6. You will always want to wear clean apparels after getting a fresh tattoo and avoid tight fitting ones until it’s fully healed.

7. About a week or so, the healing process will really begin to take place causing the skin to peel and a little scabbing may occur as well. This is the point where you’ll start feeling the itch, but never ever scratch or pick on it! If the itch is driving you to the brink of insanity, simply give it a slap or apply some lotion.

Okay class, this is how you take proper care of a new tattoo. Now that you’ve armed with the necessary info on how to care for new tattoos, you may print out your favorite tattoo design and bring it over to the nearest parlor.

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