George S May – King of Management Consultant

The process of helping companies grow bigger and better by providing guidance in terms of better management, better operations and better strategies, has long been the accounting and auditing companies in dubaiAlfamc realm of management consultancy. George S May is one of the few leading business management consultants who have taken the profession of management consultancy to greater heights. Catering to the entire spectrum from small start-ups to industry giants for over 80 years, George S May has gained immense experience and insights that help them place their clients in a sure-shot path to success.

One of the most conspicuous problems that surface throughout the various stages of a business is the mismatch between desired outcome and the outcome achieved. Business Management Consultants help companies to bridge the gap by helping them comprehend the reasons causing it. The vast client base served by George S May enables it to understand the industry wide best practices prevalent and helps companies to adopt and gain from these practices. Management Consultants also generate various insights from the already existing knowledge base of the company.

There are basically two approaches to the practice of management consultancy, namely the expert approach and the facilitative approach. While the former – expert approach involves the business management consultant taking the mantle of an expert and assisting clients, the latter – facilitative approach requires fewer inputs from, and collaborations with, the clients. The focus of business management consultants under this approach is less on the expert and technical knowledge, and more on the process of consultation itself.

A business management consultant is generally utilized with a view to provide external expert advice which is unavailable within the organization. Sometimes, business management consultants are also used to provide additional assistance when there is a temporary hike in the workload of the organization. They are responsible for facilitating change management in organizations, implementation of newer technologies at the workplace, formulation of strategic and tactical goals and objectives of the organization.

Business management consultants bring in their own methodologies, developed over the years in order to identify problems and providing solutions therein. George S May, as a pioneering management consultant, is unparalleled throughout the entire US and Canada, having already helped more than 500,000 clients. Another important feature of George S May is that these clients have been drawn from a very broad spectrum having over 3000 different industrial classifications.

With a core team comprising of experienced management consultants [], George S May knows in and out of the industry concerned and only engage in providing solutions after running an initial survey. The survey aligns their processes against those in the client company which provides them with the right perspective in solving a problem. From the standpoint of being a management consultant, George S May [] differentiates itself by going as far as possible in helping implementation a solution in an organization.


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